Father Joe's Six Golden Seeds

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Father Joe's Six Golden Seeds

  • Kathryn the Grape Let's Read Together Series
  • Signed Book
  • Written by Kathryn Cloward
  • ISBN Paperback: 978-0991290598
  • 70 pages full-color, large print 
  • A portion of proceeds support children in need.

Father Joe's Six Golden Seeds is a special edition Kathryn the Grape Let's Read Together Series book inspired by Father Joe Carroll's example, whose longtime mission has provided dignified housing and compassionate services for individuals and families experiencing homelessness. This unifying story provides youth readers with six golden seeds of goodness for life. Through vibrant illustrations and rhythmic storytelling, you'll learn about being compassionate, forgiving, respectful, helpful, and empowering while experiencing God in everyone and everything.

This book also shares the true story of how creator Kathryn Cloward got her original "Kathryn the Grape" purple outfit from the original Father Joe's Villages Thrift Store (St. Vincent de Paul Thrift Store) in downtown San Diego. Kathryn created the six golden seeds concept as a way to help youth have access to life lessons she learned from Father Joe's life stories. A mindful story shared in music, too, this is another engaging story from the multi-award-winning Kathryn the Grape Let's Read Together Series that weaves together stories and songs for people of all ages to enjoy.


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